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Free Guidebook to Success: The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success

Susan Lasky

Productivity and organization coach Susan Lasky is offering free downloads of The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success, which offers a simple, practical approach to help people “get out of their own way and get things done.” Lasky says she designed the strategies, tools and techniques in PowerPlan to work with the way people actually think rather than the way they think they should think.

“Many of my clients struggle with ADD/ADHD or executive function challenges, especially those issues that relate to time management, organization, prioritization, getting started on tasks or completing projects,” she says. “For them, ‘Just do it’ thinking rarely works, leading to a lot of guilt and frustration. The seven steps provide a different, more personalized way to approach tasks and projects, so they become much more doable.”

To download the free 20-page guidebook, visit

People who want more help accomplishing their goals can get support and accountability by joining Lasky’s online action group, the TUIT Project (“so you can finally Get Around to It”), at—a new group begins soon—or by signing up for one-on-one coaching sessions. “Coaching can help you move forward and have a less stressful, more fulfilling life,” says Lasky, who is based in Westchester but works virtually anywhere.

For more info, contact Susan Lasky at 914.373.4787 or [email protected].