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Life Coaching Complements Hand Analysis: A diagnostic tool for self-discovery

Irina Kravtsov

For years, Irina Kravtsov has been using hand analysis—a diagnostic tool for self-discovery— to help people manage stress and free themselves from self-defeating patterns. Now Kravtsov has earned life coach certification, and she says the two areas of expertise complement each other for the benefit of her clients.

“Combining hand analysis with the skill of a certified life coach provides me the unique chance to address deficiencies and weaknesses in my clients’ psychological patterns through the use of personalized coaching techniques,” she explains. “Think of consciousness as an intricate computer algorithm. Hand analysis identifies glitches—weak spots in the ‘software’—while coaching presents an opportunity for deep self-analysis that brings focus, accountability and tangible results by addressing those glitches.”

When we recognize our behavioral patterns and tendencies in response to stress, anxiety and fear, we can reprogram our conscious response so we stay calm, collected and self-confident—and hand analysis helps identify those patterns, she says. “Advanced scientific studies show a direct correlation between individuals’ DNA—their governing pattern of behavior—and the precise features of their fingertips and palm, which can be interpreted systematically.”

To amplify the overall value of the process, Kravtsov also offers mantra meditation, a simple yet powerful method for supporting overall wellness, she says. “Mantra meditation has been recognized by Fortune 500 companies who use its techniques to improve productivity in their employees. Integrated together, these modalities have the potential to change your life and offer definitive results.”

Kravtsov’s offices are located at 2358 Broad St., Yorktown Heights, NY. For more info, visit or call 914.924.3366.