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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

BEMER Therapy: Popular European Healing Technology Now Available in Westchester

BEMER session at Greene Healing Institute in Scarsdale

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy has been used for years to “recharge” the cells and boost their metabolic function, which is thought to decline through exposure to the modern Western lifestyle. Now an updated form of PEMT technology, bio-electromagnetic energy regulation—or BEMER therapy, for short—is said to offer many of the benefits of exercise, including muscle growth, stronger organs and improved immunity. BEMER therapy, which originated in Germany, is already popular in Europe. Now it is available in the United States, including these Westchester practices.


Well On The Way

Jim Koester, an expert in BEMER therapy, is now facilitating that service at Well On The Way in White Plains and Ossining. Koester says he uses the cutting-edge technology in eightminute sessions to increase blood flow; facilitate metabolic waste disposal; enhance oxygen supply, cardiac function, strength, energy, concentration and mental acuity; and promote stress reduction and relaxation.

As the therapy’s greatest benefit comes through frequent, short sessions, Well On The Way is offering unlimited BEMER programs so people can get the most from the device, says Director Elizabeth Pasquale.

“We have several unlimited programs providing different therapies combined with BEMER,” she says, “but we’re most proud of the $200 unlimited BEMER, because for three weeks you get a minimum of 10 sessions, with no maximum. You can get two a day if you’d like—and we’d like you to. Even if you only do 10 during that time, that translates to $20 a session, which is affordable for just about everyone.”

Well On The Way is located at 222 Westchester Ave., White Plains, NY, and 191 Main St., Ossining, NY. For more info, visit, or call or text Elizabeth Pasquale at 607.351.7024.


Bonnie’s Herbals

Bonnie Rogers recently began offering BEMER sessions at her office, Bonnie’s Herbals, in Briarcliff Manor. “If you’re ready to fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed, increase your concentration, have less brain fog and let go of your aches and pains, then you will enjoy the BEMER whole-body session,” she says.

Rogers says that as a clinical herbalist, her constant challenge is figuring out the best way to get nutrition and herbal medicine into the cells so they can effectively do their job. BEMER therapy makes that challenge easier.

“The technology enhances the blood flow in the micro-circulation, the capillary beds, enabling the cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients and accelerate the metabolic waste removal,” she says. “Our clients are feeling amazing.” Another benefit of the therapy is that it gives the body a gentle detox, while providing the nutrients, hydration and oxygen that it needs, she says.

Rogers has been so impressed with the results so far that she’s offering clients a first BEMER session free of charge.

For more information, visit or call Rogers at 914.923.4346. Bonnie’s Herbals is located at 13 Tappan Terrace, Briarcliff Manor, NY.


Greene Healing Institute

Greene Healing Institute in Scarsdale is celebrating its grand opening by offering a 30-minute BEMER session as part of its $97 Energize For Life package, which also includes a 45-minute Life Design consultation and a chakra balancing assessment and review. BEMER-only packages are available too.

Rick Gabrielly, the institute’s executive director, says he can recommend the therapy from his own experience. “As a health and wellness professional, I’ve experienced better sleep, improved focus and mental clarity and faster recovery, so I can exercise more often and more effectively.”

BEMER therapy also provides relief from back and joint discomfort, while improving blood flow, allowing more nutrients to reach the cells, he says.

This FDA-registered device is designed to help the body heal itself by speeding the removal of toxins and metabolic waste, thereby reducing discomfort, enhancing blood flow and oxygenation. With five global patents and 16 years of research and development, BEMER has placed more than 1 million units in 42 countries.

Greene Healing Institute helps clients get healthier through its educational programs and events and has a new BEMER salon for its energy sessions. It creates life design programs that support clients in the areas of career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity, and offers 100 percent organic, essential oil-based chakrabalancing blends. In addition, Gabrielly uses web-based personal assessments to identify blocked areas of physical and emotional energy.

Greene Healing Institute is located at 700 White Plains Rd., Ste. 20, Scarsdale, NY, in the Lord & Taylor Shopping Center. For more info, visit or text 914.715.8909.