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Seven-Day Detox Has Cancer Focus: A program designed to jumpstart a broader transformation to better mind-body health

Aug 02, 2017 11:37PM

Edit Babboni

Edit Babboni will offer 7-Day Raw Plant Food Detox, a program designed to jumpstart a broader transformation to better mind-body health, August 21 to 27 at Zen Garden in Yorktown Heights.

A major focus of Babboni’s raw food diet is countering cancer, which is often preventable and, in her opinion, curable.

“Cancer manifests itself when the body is out of balance,” she explains. “Every process in our body is controlled by enzyme activity. Since the enzymes in food are destroyed at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the body doesn't receive any enzymes from cooked or processed foods. Although their main job is to digest proteins, some enzymes also attack tumor tissues. A high animal-protein diet leaves very few enzymes to destroy tumors, which could then spread uncontrollably. Clearly, lack of enzyme activity is a major culprit for sickness and cancer. Part of the answer lies in fueling the body with enzyme-rich foods—that is, organic, raw plant foods.”

At Zen Garden, Babboni offers a comprehensive sixmonth program that includes a nutrition and diet plan tailored specifically for each client. But diet is only a small part of the program. “Clients learn the mind-body connection that can lead them to a path of healthy relationships, a healthy, more attractive body and a happy life,” she says.

Babboni’s six-month comprehensive program costs $199 a month. Her seven-day detox costs $125.

Zen Garden is located at 61 Lakeview Dr., Yorktown Heights, NY. For more info, call or text 917.721.2529, email [email protected], or visit