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A Natural Approach to Pain-Free Living: A comprehensive approach to pain relief and its root cause

Andy Steigmeier

One in four Americans has experienced chronic pain, according to the National Institutes of Health, and more Americans are looking for ways to manage their pain naturally. Andy Steigmeier, co-owner of The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, offers a whole-body approach to pain called Integrated Positional Therapy.

“IPT was developed to address chronic and acute neuromuscular pain and improve body function and range of motion,” Steigmeier says. “As a licensed massage therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, I integrate these skills into my practice to offer a comprehensive approach to pain relief and its root cause.”

IPT is based on the premise that most adverse neuromuscular conditions are the result of musculoskeletal imbalances that pull the body out of proper alignment, creating tissue compression, inflammation and pain that can encompass the nerves, muscles and bones, Steigmeier says. An IPT practitioner helps clients relax and gently stretch specific muscles and supportive tissues, and has them push against light resistance to ease the body back into balance. Clients are also given a comprehensive wellness plan with exercises and lifestyle adjustments for long-term maintenance.

“I’ve used IPT to address many neuromuscular conditions, often when other approaches have failed,” he says. Conditions he can address through IPT include headaches/migraines, back and neck pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, limited range of motion, sports injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, repetitive range-of-motion injuries, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, and golf and tennis elbow.

For more info, visit or contact Andy Steigmeier at 914.673.4577 or [email protected].