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Life Path Meets Vocal Arts: Leadership from a mind-body-spirit perspective

Nancy Seabold

As a vocal arts director for singers and actors, Nancy Seabold has been coaching for many years, feeding her spiritual, healing side by offering courses such as Your Special-Needs Child and You. But it wasn’t until she incorporated Life Path Leadership coaching into her work that she felt truly fulfilled.

“I had given healing workshops and had coached adults personally and professionally, and I wanted to get back to that, as both a one-on-one coach and consulting with groups,” Seabold says.

She coaches Life Path Leadership from a mind-body-spirit perspective, empowering her clients in their careers and communication skills. “Having the tools of great vocal technique—whether at work or when speaking in public—is essential for getting our message to the people we most desire to serve,” she says. “I coined the term ‘life voice’ to imply one's vision and purpose, with a focused and consistent voice that is technically solid. I share practical tools for finding a consistent voice, which goes hand in hand with finding a voice that matters in the workplace.”

She says the most fulfilling part of her job is seeing those tools put to use successfully. “With students, it may be starring in a school show. With an executive, it could be winning the trust of the public. Of voice of integrity, and a consistent voice, projects confidence that others will want to follow.”

Seabold offers one-on-one coaching, group modules and personal evaluation guides in Life Path Leadership. To learn more, call her at 914.930.8356 or visit

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