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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Rising Star Healing Available in Rye: Every session is unique and personalized.

Elaine Cirillo

The Masters tell us the Rising Star is the most powerful healing System on the planet, according to Derek O’Neill and helps to promote Unity Consciousness. This living energy system encompasses all other healing systems and is constantly being upgraded as new healing energies come in.

“Every session is unique and personalized,” says Elaine Cirillo, owner of Mystical Roots. “The Higher Beings know exactly what the client needs on all levels. The Rising Star gathers the energy of each client’s personal lineage (this lifetime and soul level) and incorporates all into the session, bringing the client the energy most beneficial for them. The Rising Star works on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual etheric, energetic and on all 7 body systems.”

The physical body is the first and most dense body system. A Rising Star healing session restructures the client’s energy circuits for holding a higher frequency. On the spiritual level, the Rising Star can activate DNA up to the 40th strand. Access 5D Light Body, Open 4th/Master›s Eye, Rejuvenate body/cells, says Cirillo.

A Rising Star session works on one chakra per day and any unresolved issues connected with that chakra, for a total of 21 days. 3 Rising Star Healing sessions is recommended, three weeks apart.

The Rising Star Healing System was channeled by Derek O’Neill, a spiritual teacher and healer from Ireland. Cirillo offers Rising Star Healings at Mystical Roots in Rye, NY.

Prema Agni and Prema Birthing Healing, Reiki, Reflexology and Practitioner Certification is also available at Mystical Roots.

Mystical Roots is located at Wainwright House in Rye. For more info visit, or call 914.967.6080.