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Chiropractor Recommends Checking All Children: Research has shown that misalignments can occur during the birth process or even before.

Dr. Seth Pearl with a young client

We tend to think of chiropractic as a treatment for adults with back pain, but it can also address a variety of pediatric problems stemming from pregnancy and childbirth, says Dr. Seth Pearl, owner of Optimal Health Chiropractic in Harrison and Mount Kisco.

“Every infant and child should be checked by a chiropractor,” says Pearl, a pediatric and family chiropractor. “Research has shown that misalignments can occur during the birth process or even before. This means kids are starting off with compromised neurological and immune systems.”

Many of these constraints cause subluxation—a condition where the vertebral joints lose proper positioning and alignment, he says. “Subluxation is often caused simply by the positioning required for even normal, natural, vaginal deliveries, and it’s greatly magnified in its effect from breech positioning, long labor, suction or vacuum extraction, forceps and Cesarean deliveries, which put an excessive amount of physical force on the head, neck and spine.” The subluxation complex can also cause imbalances in the musculature of the upper cervical spine and surrounding tissues, he notes, and those can affect the function of the Eustachian tubes, sinuses and adenoids, as well as the fight-or-flight response of the body, leading to imbalanced focusing and behaviors.

“Chiropractic can help with a variety of things that are not associated with back pain,” Pearl says. “Pediatric chiropractic is a highly underutilized healthcare choice that should be made more available to parents, especially those looking for non-drug options that are safe and effective.”

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