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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Dr. Leigh Damkohler Combines Chiropractic and Massage: Many factors affect the healing process, and no two people heal the same way.

Dr. Leigh Damkohler

As Westchester’s only practicing dually licensed sports chiropractor and massage therapist, Dr. Leigh Damkohler has been helping people move, perform and feel better for 20 years now. Her approach is unique, she says, because she regards each patient as a person, not a condition.

“Many factors affect the healing process, and no two people heal the same way,” she explains. “I'm always engaging patients in their care—asking questions about ergonomics that may be at the root of their imbalance or pain. Most importantly, if one approach isn’t getting us to the level of improvement, I'm thinking about how else we can make progress.”

Damkohler, whose practice is located at 8 Bacon Place, at the Eastchester/Scarsdale border of Yonkers, describes her adjusting style as “gentle and diversified.” Among the soft-tissue techniques a patient might receive in her office are Graston, stretching and myofascial release. She uses a 3D scanner to show patients how their feet affect the rest of their body, and offers custom orthotics.

“My office also provides corporate massage with a top-notch team of therapists,” she says.

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