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Weiss Method Helps People Overcome Addiction: The treatment, combined with a person’s firm decision to follow through, is a recipe for success.

Stephen Quinn

The Weiss Method, an energy- based treatment for overcoming addiction, has been a worldwide name for 30 years, but it’s just taking off in the United States. Practitioner Stephen Quinn, who has 18 years’ experience as a Weiss Method practitioner and began offering it in the New York area this year, says he’s on track to beat the method’s 80 percent success rate. “We’re currently at 90 percent for 2017,” he says.

While the method can help people with various addictions, from sugar to smoking, it’s especially popular for curbing alcohol abuse, he says. “The people who come for alcohol are typically daily or near-daily drinkers who are simply fed up with it, but not at the level where they feel the need for a residential rehab program.”

Four sessions are required for alcohol treatment. Quinn says people who’ve been through treatment report feeling total freedom from alcohol, as if the craving and behavior patterns have vanished from their consciousness.

“When you understand that everything happens first in the unseen realms of energy and then manifests physically, it makes sense that if the energy field is powerfully and deliberately cleansed of energies relating to addictive patterns, the stimulation to use the substance will vanish. The treatment, combined with a person’s firm decision to follow through, is a recipe for success,” he says.

Quinn holds free monthly lectures on the Weiss Method, with the next one scheduled for October 11. See the Natural Awakenings calendar for details.

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