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Winning in Life Means Overcoming Imagined Fears: Many people don’t realize how inhibiting and limiting their fear is

Leah Wilson Watts

Panic attacks, phobias and anxiety can be crippling, yet they are all rooted in the imagination, says life coach Leah Wilson Watts, who helps people overcome “imaginary fear” to move forward in life.

“Sadhguru, the yogi and mystic, described fear as an emotion that is created by your imagination, based on past events that occurred within your life,” Watts says. “Your fear is always about what is going to happen next—and that means your fear is always about an experience that does not exist, which essentially means fear is imaginary. So simply stated, fear is your imagination running rampant.”

Many people don’t realize how inhibiting and limiting their fear is, she says. “Financial fears can keep you stuck in a job you dislike or keep you from starting your own business. Fear of change can keep you from pursuing a promotion or switching careers. Part of winning the game of life is learning to overcome fear and changing the negative mindset that prevents you from taking risks. Living ‘safe’ is not living.”

Watts has a master’s in school counseling and is currently working on her PhD in metaphysics. She is a certified master transformational life coach specializing in PSYCH-K, neuro-linguistic programing and hypnosis. She offers individual life coaching and conducts Universal Principles support groups.

For more info, visit or call 718.812.5166.

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