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Reiki Month at Zen Garden in Yorktown Heights: Reiki sessions are half-price throughout the month of November.

At a time when most of us would benefit from an infusion of good energy, Edit Babboni is delivering a big dose of it by introducing Reiki Month at Zen Garden, her health coaching and yoga studio in Yorktown Heights. Reiki sessions are half-price throughout the month of November.

“Reiki benefits everyone, whether they’re dealing with emotional trauma, anxiety or depression or healing from cancer or a physical injury,” she says. “I feel like more people need to try Reiki, just to experience the potentially profound effect on their body and soul. So we’re making it affordable for the members of our community.”

Reiki is universal energy, a life energy that we all have inside us, Babboni explains. “If this energy is low or the free flow of the energy is blocked, we are prone to physical or emotional illness.”

During a healing session, Edit infuses aromatherapy and sound therapy to enhance the benefits of Reiki. “Before each session, I meditate on my client and use the type of essential oils that my intuition brings to the surface for that specific client,” she says.

Zen Garden is located at 61 Lakeview Dr., Yorktown Heights, NY. Reiki sessions are by appointment. Contact the studio at 917.721.2529 or [email protected].

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