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Innovative Therapy Now Available in Westchester: It integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and body-based therapeutic approaches.

John Montgomery

Homeostasis Psychology, a therapy that’s been shown to help people overcome a wide variety of psychological ills, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders and drug and alcohol addiction, is now available in the Westchester area.

John Montgomery, PhD, an adjunct assistant professor at NYU, says he developed the method based on extensive research in neuroscience and psychology. It integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and body-based therapeutic approaches.

“Homeostasis Psychology proposes that as we live our modern lives, we typically alternate between two opposing forces or internal drives,” Montgomery says. The destructive “addictive” drive sabotages our goals and creates unnecessary pain and emotional distress, while the healthy “homeostatic” drive is the guiding force that seeks to lead us into states of peace and well-being and onto a path of growth and fulfillment.

“The destructive addictive drive arises because, under the typical circumstances of modern life, most of us are highly prone—perhaps surprisingly—to begin deriving unconscious biochemical rewards in our brains from distressing emotional states such as anxiety, anger, regret and self-pity,” he says. “These unconscious rewards can lead to the development of true biochemical addictions to a variety of painful emotional states, which can become the foundation for a wide range of psychological and physical ills.”

Homeostasis Psychology uses tools and methods designed to help people disengage from the addictive drive and fully connect with the homeostatic drive, he says.

For more information or a free consultation, contact Montgomery at 917.244.5161 or [email protected], or visit