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The Rise of the Feminine in 2018: Astrology with Pam Cucinell

Saturn in Capricorn over the next few years demands integrity and accountability. Decide what matters. Put your heart and sweat equity into it.

The year 2018 continues the trend toward increased social action, collective and grassroots efforts. A “2” year in numerology, 2018 can polarize or connect. Division and separation do not generate growth. Two full supermoons open and close January, so expect heightened emotions. The January 31 lunar eclipse stimulates creative expression to reflect community.

The February 15 solar eclipse encourages a renewal of independence within the people of the United States. Fresh visions couple with traditional values to catapult changes ahead. The Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog begins on February 16. The Dog mandates integrity, loyalty and the maintenance of clear boundaries.

Jupiter retrograde on March 8 signals an ebbing of obvious force; stealth operations increase. Reconciliation or success seems distant at the spring equinox, perhaps the cost of more ambitious goals. Inertia and frustration in April signal the need for walks and exercise. Connect to the earth when the mind spins you out of your center. Every day in early May pops with a new surprise. On the new moon on May 15, Uranus enters Taurus—anticipate the unexpected. Prioritize meditation or an anti-stress routine by mid-June.

The summer solstice seals your intentions for this year; don’t be swayed by another’s demands unless they mirror your own. The July 12 solar eclipse shows confrontations with power and demands for security. Although the message is delivered by the July 27 lunar eclipse, compromise is not guaranteed. Go back to the drawing board with the August 11 solar eclipse to determine a message that cannot be ignored.

The autumn equinox vibrates a high octave of love and opportunity; embrace possibilities. Venus retrograde on October 5 requests a reevaluation of values over the next few weeks. Election Day looks volatile in November as voters reassert and shake up the status quo. The winter solstice welcomes a new tomorrow from a platform of shared principles.

Stellar Events: Jupiter Scorpio to Sagittarius

Jupiter symbolizes expansion. Through November 8 it is in Scorpio, which can increase inner transformation and mergers, both personal and business. It can also expand intrigue, crime and secrets. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, heightened optimism triggers risk. Couple risk with wisdom.

Uranus Rides into Taurus

When Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, planets from Jupiter on out are in “feminine” signs. Uranus symbolizes revolution, freedom and change. The shift toward sustainability, collaborative efforts and gender equality gathers momentum through the summer. Not everyone is on board for change. Retrograde Uranus dips back into Aries on November 6 into spring 2019.

Retrogrades in 2018 The Value in Retracing Steps: Retrogrades

When a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective, it emphasizes internal processes rather than a direct path. Delays often occur in the areas of life symbolized by the planet. This can be highly productive when you maximize the value of reflection, or it can frustrate and even thwart action.

The planet Mercury symbolizes the messenger, communications and transit, as well as humor, social media and news. People whose business or personal life depends on electronics feel the retrograde acutely. Messages misfire, and directions or appointments go awry. Double-check and back up.

Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2018: March 22-April 15; July 26-August 19, November 16-December 6.

Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5 to slink back into Libra. Venus symbolizes how one shows love and appreciation. This retrograde indicates a need to deepen communication; an old love may resurface. Avoid expensive goods or design decisions. Check with your astrologer if a wedding or new financial endeavor needs to happen at this time. Venus goes direct November 16.

Mars goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on June 26 to revisit Capricorn. Reassess business decisions and reconsider options for long-term goals. When Mars goes direct on August 27, expect an energy surge.

When Jupiter is retrograde, it challenges businesses. Hesitation affects investments, speculation, travel or publishing. Resistance stymies sales and expansion. Legal matters limp along. Avoid a product or business launch during Jupiter retrograde. In the sign of Scorpio, strategic investments take time. Research and therapeutic work reap rewards. The retrograde begins March 8 and runs through July 10.

Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist at She provides guidance, helping you chart a course or gain insight through one-time or ongoing sessions. Contact her at [email protected] or 917.796.6026.