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Waken the Heart with Prema Agni Activation: This sacred symbol and energy healing system allows us to give and receive love more deeply.

Jan 31, 2018 03:13PM

Elaine Cirillo

Elaine Cirillo, owner of Mystical Roots in Rye, now offers Prema Agni, a healing service intended to awaken the heart.

“This sacred symbol and energy healing system allows us to give and receive love more deeply. It burns away desire, anger and greed,” Cirillo says. “I’ve been told that when our hearts are closed and the energy of Mother Earth ascends, it bypasses our hearts and goes to our heads, where we’re trapped in the endless loop of analyzing everything, getting stuck in the mind. When the energy descends from Father Sky, it again bypasses our hearts and goes into our lower chakras, where we are trapped in the distortion of mistaking sex for love.”

In addition to Prema Agni, Cirillo offers two other “fifth-dimensional healings,” Rising Star and Prema Birthing. She says healing systems like these have been given to humanity so these imbalances can be corrected, noting, “We must first open our hearts to allow divine love to flow through us and into the world.”

She quotes spiritual master teacher Derek O’Neill, who said, “The reason there are so many bypass operations performed in hospitals is that people are bypassing their hearts. Love cannot flourish until people truly open their hearts.”

Cirillo will provide this service on an ongoing basis. Email reservations are required; those who receive the service pledge to donate $7 to a good cause (not to Cirillo). She also offers reflexology and Reiki healing.

Mystical Roots is located at Stillpointe Healing Center, 20 Purdy Ave. #3, Rye, NY. For more info, email [email protected], visit or call 914.261.0108.

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