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Productivity Coach Shares Free Online Webinar: It can be viewed for free online until July 4.

Susan Lasky

Susan Lasky, a productivity, ADHD and organization coach who’s been offering “help for the disorganized, overworked and overwhelmed” since 1991, is sharing her new webinar, How To Get More Done … With a Lot Less Stress, at It can be viewed for free online until July 4.

Just getting started on a task, even a small one, can be a challenge for some people, Lasky says. “They know what they should do. They may even want to get it done. But thinking about something isn’t the same as taking action. Even when motivated, activation—getting started—is often difficult, especially if it’s something that seems overwhelming, time-consuming, difficult or boring.”

Getting past those obstacles involves self-examination, she explains. “As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. That's why it’s important to find new strategies that work with the way you think, not the way you think you should think. And in our individual coaching sessions, we do just that. With the right tools and strategies, taking action becomes easier and more effective.”

For those who prefer the support of a small group, Susan Lasky Productivity Solutions hosts an online accountability/action group, the TUIT Project (“so you can finally ‘get around to it’”), at A new group begins each month.

For more info, contact Lasky at 914.373.4787 or [email protected], or visit