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Sleeping Green: An Organic Mattress Can Contribute to a Healthier Lifestyle

May 31, 2018 07:12PM ● By Brielle Bleeker

Many people are taking steps to lead a cleaner, more natural lifestyle. Most begin that journey by changing the foods they eat and the cleaning products they use at home, and even swapping out their beauty products for options without commonly used chemicals. But they might not realize that one item they use daily contains a high number of toxins that could be detrimental to both their health and the environment. Although they sleep on a mattress every night, they don’t give much thought to how it is made and the materials it contains.

Almost all standard mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, which is a crude-oil-based, chemical-laden synthetic substance. By law, mattresses must pass certain standards in order to be considered flame retardant, and so manufacturers add even more chemicals. We are exposed to these toxic flame retardants every day in a variety of ways. They can be found in household dust, air and furniture. Avoiding them is difficult but necessary, due to growing concerns over the health risks of toxic exposure, including cancer, impeded brain development in children and hormone disruption.

Standard mattresses are not biodegradable, either, and once thrown out, they end up in landfills, creating a tremendous burden on the environment. This is of huge concern because many mattresses purchased online are shipped a great distance, adding to their carbon footprint, only to be returned by unsatisfied customers. Those mattresses cannot be resold due to hygiene concerns and therefore end up polluting more landfills. Returning a mattress to an online retailer can also prove to be a painstaking process. It’s not an item that you can easily repackage and bring to the nearest post office counter.

As we try to implement a more natural lifestyle in all areas, switching to an organic mattress can be a simple yet profound way to reduce our chemical exposure. We spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, so we can reduce a large source of exposure by choosing an organic option. Many people opt for healthy, organic food as well as natural household products, and choosing a more natural mattress should be another high priority on their list as they strive to lead a cleaner, greener life.

Dave Spittal, owner of Healthy Choice Organic Mattress, in Ridgewood, says, “In addition to organic mattresses being incredibly comfortable and supportive, they are chemical-free and made with only high-quality natural and organic materials, including organic wool, organic cotton and 98 percent pure, natural rubber. The other 2 percent is fatty acids and soaps with no chemicals.”

Health Choice Organic Mattresses are made in Connecticut, Spittal says. They last for 25 years, and when they wear out, they won’t burden a landfill, because they are completely biodegradable.

“Although an organic mattress can cost more than a regular mattress, it is an investment in long-term health,” he says. “The toxic burden that people are forced to deal with on a daily basis is increasingly alarming. The simple decision to opt for an organic mattress will not only be beneficial financially and environmentally, buy also will play a huge part in creating a healthier lifestyle.”

Healthy Choice Organic Mattress is located at 14 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, NJ. For more information, call 201.857.3245 or visit

Brielle Bleeker is a writer for Natural Awakenings magazine.

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