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A Natural Partnership: Fresh Organic Salon Offers European Arbonne Line

Maureen Toohey

When it comes to personal care, all natural is all the rage. But with more than 35 years in the beauty industry, Maureen Toohey says her philosophy is beyond organic—it’s biodynamic. As the owner of the popular, eco-chic Fresh Organic Salon, in Bedford Hills, Toohey builds relationships with her clients and industry partners to create awareness about eliminating toxins in our daily life, and partnering with other businesses and manufacturers that share her mindset. Natural Awakenings recently sat down to talk with Toohey about her latest partnership with Arbonne, a company known for its high standards.

Fresh Organic Salon already has a great reputation for its all-natural approach. What does Arbonne bring to the mix?

Inner and outer beauty and wellness has always been my philosophy, so I seek companies and manufacturers from countries that follow European salon standards, which ban more than 1,800 chemical compounds. The U.S. only bans a few hundred. I’ve been selling and using pure, safe, botanical haircare, skincare and makeup products for more than 35 years, and I’d been looking for a complete holistic line that has been produced using the stricter European standards for at least that long—so it’s a way of life for the company, not a trend. Arbonne fit that description perfectly, and so I started selling Arbonne products about a year ago.

Can your customers try these products when they come in for a hair service?

Yes. Our customers often try out our skincare products—they can cleanse, tone, moisturize, put on a mask, whatever they’d like to try. Sometimes after a hair service, we’ll touch up their makeup before they head out the door. We have a detox body scrub that’s really popular, and so we’ll show our guests how to incorporate it into a spa treatment at home. It’s really important to detox by exfoliating all over in order to remove the free radicals and pollutants that build up on the skin.

That’s another reason I chose Arbonne. For a lot of people who come into my salon, going organic is a new journey for them. They want to become more natural, more holistic—not just cleaning their body, but also cleaning their home, eliminating all the toxins in their life in order to reduce their chances of getting cancer. Arbonne has a complete holistic line, from nutrition and makeup to skin and body care. Especially for people who are just starting to live more holistically, Arbonne makes it very easy: all the information they need is there in the store, along with the products. The company also puts good information online, for people who like to shop and do their research from home.

So I feel that Arbonne is a really good partnership for my salon. It’s all about spreading the word, creating awareness of what we put on and in our bodies.

Are you looking to bring new people into your Arbonne business?

Yes, always! I’d love to connect with practitioners in areas like integrative medicine, chiropractic or sports medicine, as well as personal trainers and makeup artists. It’s a good line for anyone who’s interested from a business perspective, because you don’t have to have inventory. It’s really part of a movement—a great business for someone who wants to build awareness about living more holistically.

Besides joining in the business, preferred customers also receive up to 75 percent off Arbonne products. People can schedule a free consultation with me to go over specific needs and beneficial options, and then they can place an order with me, go online at or email me for more information. I always feel confident recommending Arbonne, because it’s a company that I trust.

Fresh Organic Salon is located at 190 Rte. 117 Bypass, Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, call 914.242.1928, email [email protected] or visit or

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