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Savvy Women’s Alliance Launches White Plains Chapter: September 26, at 6:30 p.m.

Kristi Marsh

The White Plains chapter of Savvy Women’s Alliance will officially launch on September 26, at 6:30 p.m., at the White Plains Library. The nonprofit organization educates and empowers women to take nontoxic living mainstream. By connecting them with the environmental health movement, the Alliance hopes to build irreversible momentum in public demand for food and other products that are free from chemicals that harm human health.

“The Savvy Women’s Alliance contributes to tipping the scales of the environmental health movement,” says Kristi Marsh, the national organization’s founder and executive director. “By reaching deep into the curious mainstream and offering women a safe, encouraging community in which to learn, and the tools they need to make change, we’ll shift healthy and nontoxic living to a new norm.”

After she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at age 35, with three young children at home, Marsh became aware of the links between toxic chemicals in food and products and cancer, reproductive harm, hormone disruption, developmental problems, infertility and a host of other health impacts. She has since become a nationally recognized advocate for women’s environmental health.

“I wanted to take action to eliminate these chemicals for good, but I needed support in figuring out how to do that,” she says. “This is why I launched Savvy: we ensure that every woman who wants to learn, participate and make a difference—whether a beginner or passionate change maker—has a home to do just that.”

The Alliance is a first-of-its-kind nationwide organization focused on women who are curious about but new to nontoxic living. It combines online social forums and real, face-to-face chapters designed to unite, educate and inspire women to make informed decisions leading to healthier lifestyles and a healthier world.

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