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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings Coaching Profiles: Life coaching specialties offer new opportunities to achieve personal goals

If there’s one takeaway from this year’s coaching profiles, it’s that the coaching profession has expanded to include almost every meaningful facet of life. There are still life coaches, of course, but the subsets now available allow anyone to harness expert support as they tackle highly individualized goals. The coaches in our area can guide and motivate people to go vegan, get organized, become more creative, reclaim their individuality or deal with grief and mortality. Whatever the life (or death) issue, there’s a coach ready to help.


Dr. Michele Bell

Grief Specialist, End-of-Life Advocate and Spiritual Catalyst
By appointment: 914.815.2222 • [email protected]

Westchester & Putnam •

I offer confidential coaching—onsite, online or in-house. I help clients get to the core of their issues and empower themselves so they can rely on their own, internal guidance for their true space to emerge. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client, integrating custom three-to-five-day healing retreats to select destinations, using my own specific formula where energy is more pronounced so the client receives the full experience.

What is your training? I don't believe in clinical "training" for what it takes to lead others on their journey of self-discovery and emotional freedom. My training goes beyond all the courses I’ve taken or my Ph.D. in metaphysics. Profound life experience, my specialty, is a rare gift. My approach is universal, eclectic and one of a kind.

Tell us about your business. I am a life, career and learning coach. Through Move Into Change, I offer individualized private coaching, courses, workshops and tips for self-coaching to men and women who are looking for the next right thing—their next right thing.

Who benefits most from your coaching services? I work one-on-one with individuals, typically between the ages of 13 and 60. As one of my main specialties is trauma, I have successfully worked with more severe cases, including clients struggling with suicide. I have a strong connection with teens and young adults. Regardless of age, though, my heart is drawn towards anyone who is broken within.  

What does success look like? As a mentor and voice of inspiration, I help my clients step out of the darkness so their souls fill with light and love. When they reach a pivotal point of openness, they will receive inner healing to manifest their journey to reconnect with their souls. 

What is your highest intent for your clients? To help them release fear, anger and uncertainty, so that they can move to a place of self-love and self-trust and turn anguish into empowerment. To help them find peace, hope and purpose in the face of devastating life events.


Lorna Gager, The Practical Mystic

Transformational Life Coach and Metaphysical Teacher
Spirit-Based Coaching for Women
80 Maple Ave., Rye, NY • 914.220.2495 • [email protected]

As a spirit-based coach, I am passionate about helping women reclaim their individuality, stand in their own light and figure out what they really want, instead of staying numbly on autopilot.

What is your training? I am a mother, partner, sister, daughter, friend, as well as a Minister of Metaphysics, Mastery Life Coach, wellness coach, personal trainer, lifetime learner and reading fiend.

Who benefits most from your coaching services? Women find me when they are truly ready to take back the reins and be fully responsible for what they allow and what they choose, because life is never just happening—we are co-creating it at every step and with every thought.

What does success look like? I help women figure out what is most important to them, identify their patterns, and shift their reactions, perceptions and the beliefs that they have about themselves and the world. This is deep change work that allows my clients to soar in ways they never thought possible.

What is your highest intent for your clients? One of my superpowers is being able to see people at their highest. So no matter how low a woman feels, I can always see her light and what she has to offer the world. When someone sees you as infinite possibility, you begin to see it yourself and life opens up right before your eyes.


Kacey Morabito Grean

Clarity and Creation Coach for Women • [email protected]

Clarity and Creation Coaching gets to the heart of issues quickly and creates a firm foundation from which to move forward. My coaching started through my work as a reiki healer and then as a women's retreat leader.

What is your training? I earned my certification from the International Association of Professions Career College, yet my greatest teachers continue to be the experts featured on my radio program, Shine On, the health and happiness show.

Who benefits most from your coaching services? Women who are in transition or wanting more out of life benefit most from Clarity and Creation Coaching.

What does success look like? Success is remembering who you are. Signing up for that art class or starting that new career—those things are born from knowing your worth.

What is your highest intent for your clients? The intention I set for all my clients is that they fully embrace their own true power and move forward confidently.


Susan Lasky

Productivity, ADHD and Organization Coach
Ossining and Westchester, NY • 914.373.4787 • [email protected]

I teach practical strategies that work with the way you think. This is especially critical if you have ADD/ADHD, or are a lot better at coming up with ideas than actually accomplishing them! You’ll discover new ways to self-motivate and take control of your time, priorities, paperwork, projects, attitude, space and stuff.

What is your training? I’ve been helping people with productivity, executive function and ADD/ADHD challenges since 1989. I’m a Board Certified Productivity Coach, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization, Certified Career and Life Planning Specialist, Productive Environment Specialist, Holistic Time Mastery Consultant, Golden Circle Member and member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

Who benefits most from your coaching services? Smart, capable people who would benefit from learning compensatory strategies to overcome executive function challenges: planning, time and project management, organization, productivity, activation, working memory, etc.

What does success look like? Less overwhelm and frustration. Greater energy and productivity. An increased ability to get things done, define and accomplish goals and juggle multiple priorities.

What is your highest intent for your clients? To close the gap between potential and performance and put an end to the disconnect between ability and accomplishment. To stop beating yourself up for what you don’t do and celebrate what you can.


Sande Nosonowitz

Vegan/Plant-Based Transition Coach
PO Box 671, Pleasant Valley, NY • [email protected]

As a master-certified vegan life coach, my first task is to listen and understand why you want to learn about veganism and plant-based living. You will be guided through a process that is stress-free and exhilarating, directed by a caring professional who genuinely wants the best for you.

What is your training?  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master Certification in Vegan Lifestyle Coaching and Education. I am also a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, which is a wonderful self-care complement to vegan coaching. I have been coaching since 2014.

Who benefits most from your coaching services? Anyone interested in improving their health will benefit. Anyone interested in climate change will benefit, as animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. And anyone who cares for animals and does not want to participate in their suffering will surely benefit. 

What does success look like? Success means becoming more aware of how the food we eat affects our bodies. Vegan coaching success is measured in improved health, increased energy and a new sense of how to we choose to journey through life.

What is your highest intent for your clients? I'm committed to helping others understand the concept of veganism. I’m committed to helping others feel their best physically and spiritually. And I’m committed to helping end human suffering as well as non-human suffering.