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Clients Benefit from NuSpecies’ “Year of Change”

From expanding its professional staff to adopting new technologies, NuSpecies Holistic Health Center has undergone “a year of change” to better serve its clients’ needs, says Executive Vice President Jillian G. Pelliccio.

NuSpecies, which has an online store as well as four New York locations (Beacon, Mount Vernon, Brooklyn and Elmont), offers wellness plans and raw organic liquid and whole-food nutritional formulas. It also offers free consultations with naturopathic doctors who can design individualized plans to help people achieve their health goals.

“We now have three naturopathic doctors covering all our New York locations,” Pelliccio says. “There is no charge to receive ongoing guidance from our NDs as you maintain or rebuild your health with a custom NuSpecies program.”

New Technologies

NuSpecies’ clients also now receive continuous support from the NuSpecies app, which is free to download and provides exclusive discounts with registration. Through the app, clients can receive educational information, learn about NuSpecies events, see product details, read NuSpecies success stories and hear radio segments about NuSpecies. Once they register, they can chat with the company’s support team and fellow clients, Pelliccio says.

NuSpecies’ NuLife Program is free to download from the app’s home page.

“This program guides you through NuSpecies’ primary recommendations on diet, exercise and getting started with NuSpecies formulas to support a variety of health concerns,” Pelliccio says says. “You can start rebuilding your health for free by following the program. We constantly update it, so you’ll always have access to the newest versions to refine your efforts. And if you want to customize the program for your needs, you can book a free consultation with our naturopathic doctors.”

Another technology that NuSpecies recently adopted is a body scanner that allows people to get detailed information about their physiological systems by holding on with both hands.

“The scan results supplement blood and diagnostic tests,” Pelliccio says. “Our naturopathic doctors will provide a copy of the report and explain what the results mean and what you can do to improve your health if necessary.”

Other “News”

Some of the changes NuSpecies has made over the past year are less obvious. For example, it has increased the dosages of key plants and herbs in its LNu formulas, with the goal of giving the body more of what it needs to heal itself, Pelliccio says. The formulas can be used with medications.

NuSpecies has also adapted its manufacturing procedures to new Food and Drug Administration regulations for makers of dietary supplements, she says.

“We pride ourselves on going above and beyond basic compliance with FDA standards to make safe and effective products,” Pellicio says. “NuSpecies’ formulas, vitamins and minerals have always contained exactly what the label says: raw, organic, natural whole-food ingredients, in dosages appropriate for maintaining and rebuilding health. This is an additional level of testing that guarantees that every batch of products that we make contain the exact ingredients in the exact quantities that our labels claim.”

NuSpecies’ “year of change” isn’t over yet. In November, Pelliccio will host the company’s first weekly internet show, Scratch the Surface, which will broadcast on the NuSpecies app and on

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