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Detoxing with Food: Plant-based, low-fat diet key for restoring health

Dec 28, 2018 04:08PM ● By Marilee Burrell

Most people are dealing with an overburdened, sluggish or fatty liver and don’t even realize it, according to Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, author of the New York Times bestseller Liver Rescue. Symptoms of a struggling liver are wide ranging, he says—from weight gain and bloating to migraines, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, eczema and diabetes. The cause? Long-term exposure to toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and plastics; the Epstein-Barr virus or other undiagnosed pathogens; and high-fat diets.

The good news is that by helping this one organ heal, we can heal other, seemingly unrelated areas of our body as well, he says. In addition, potential health problems that were lurking just beneath the surface can be averted, preventing disease down the road.

Since William’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, getting an appointment with him is pretty much impossible. Fortunately, many doctors and health practitioners are now versed in his work—often out of necessity, as they used it first to heal themselves.

Healing the Liver with Food

Robin Miller, an integrative nutrition health coach and mental health counselor in Westchester, uses her own health journey and information she gains from William’s official Medical Medium practitioners group to teach people about healing foods, and to support them as they develop new, healthier ways to eat.

“I struggled with chronic illness my whole life, but three and a half years ago, my life was compromised to the point of not being able to work or spend quality time with my family,” she says. “I spent tens of thousands of dollars on interventions, many of which turned out to be based on incorrect information and actually exacerbated my conditions.”

Despite having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders, Miller is now 95 percent symptom free—and she gives credit to William’s work, saying, “I am now committed to helping others who want to be on this journey.”

The starting point, she says, is removing “no” foods, such as eggs, dairy, canola oil and gluten (viruses’ favorite fuels), and lowering fat intake, while introducing healing morning drinks like lemon water, celery juice and the Medical Medium’s smoothies; healing foods such as leafy greens; and glucose-rich foods such as fresh fruit, potatoes, squash and sweet potatoes. (A detailed list can be found in William’s second book, Life-Changing Foods.)

Dr. Sherri Greene, a restorative physician who sees patients in New York City and worldwide through video appointments, agrees. “The very best place to start is to reduce your consumption of fat—even the good fats, including oils, nuts and seeds, and avocado. This will make it easier for the liver to do its job,” she says. “The next thing to do is the simplest: Drink a 16-ounce glass of fresh water with lemon first thing in the morning when you wake up. The lemon water will help rehydrate your body and liver, which has been working to cleanse your body of toxins while you sleep, and it will continue to support your liver’s ability to cleanse through the morning. “

Greene recommends drinking a 16-ounce glass of fresh, organic celery juice about 20 minutes after drinking the lemon water, on an empty stomach. “Celery juice is a magical elixir that acts as an anti-inflammatory full of mineral salts that can help to starve pathogens in your body,” she says.

“Celery juice also supports your kidneys and adrenals and raises your hydrochloric acid stores so that you can break down your food better. Mineral salts in the celery juice are also building blocks for neurotransmitters in your brain, so you will begin to think more clearly.”

Voices of Experience

Greene speaks from personal experience. She says William’s diet helped her manage chronic conditions that neither Western nor complementary medicine could touch. “I’ve had a lifelong battle with chronic pain and inflammation,” she says. “I have had the diagnoses of Lyme disease and endometriosis, adrenal fatigue and chronic back pain along the way. It was frustrating for many years, not understanding why I couldn’t get better. I went from doctor to doctor for answers … tried many, many different approaches in an effort to heal myself.”

Then she met William. She says he shined a light on the misinformation she had learned in medical school, and now she uses what she learned from him to treat her own patients.

“This information that he puts out in his books is life changing, and although it’s not a quick fix, it is the answer for mystery chronic conditions that keep the masses suffering and in pain,” she says.

Dr. Erica Sawers, a chiropractor and registered dietician in Fairfield, Connecticut, says she uses William’s methods to help people improve their health through targeted diet modifications, supplement protocols and lifestyle changes. She’s worked with patients who are recovering from cancer, chronic fatigue and Lyme disease, among other health issues.

“The most basic thing you can do for your liver is to get well hydrated by drinking filtered water with lemon, reduce toxins from foods and the environment, lower fat intake, reduce animal protein and consume more fruits and vegetables—and drink celery juice daily on an empty stomach,” she says.

And like Greene, Sawers has experienced the healing benefits of William’s advice firsthand.

“I have followed Anthony William for three years now and have recovered from depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, low energy, recurring sinus infections and PMS and hormonal imbalance,” she says.

The Benefits of a Healthy Liver

Greene says she’s seen a healthier liver lead to better skin tone, the resolution of longstanding skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, improved digestion, less bloating, weight loss, clarity of thought, more stable moods, higher energy levels, better sleep, and healing from various chronic health problems, including autoimmune conditions.

Miller notes that the diet’s preventive effects are wide-ranging. By restoring a sluggish liver, she says, people can strengthen their immune systems so they stay healthier and more energetic. They can also slow the aging process. “Anthony also talks about liver health in relation to other things, like unburdening the lymphatic system, allowing the adrenals to recover. In this way, the liver will be supported to do its many complex roles, from cleaning and filtering our blood to processing nutrients,” she says. Sawers, too, can quickly list the broad benefits of healthy liver: “Improved digestion and sleep. Feeling younger and more vibrant. Recovering from health conditions that once plagued you.” “The Best Anti-Aging Secret” Miller predicts that restoring the liver will become “the health priority of our generation and generations to come” as we face growing environmental and lifestyle hazards. Among those hazards are increased toxin exposures, the rising contamination and genetic modification of our industrial food system, higher stress levels, and potent viruses and bacteria.

Greene calls William’s diet “the best anti-aging secret ever” because it triggers healing in so many other ways too. “The liver holds the key to the healing of so many physical, emotional and even spiritual challenges,” she says. “We don’t learn this in medical school, which puts many doctors at a disadvantage. As we become more aware of how our livers serve us on a deeper level—as we become more conscious and begin feeling better—we will heal ourselves and gain more compassion for others.”

For more information about Anthony William’s books and work, visit

For professional guidance in restoring liver health naturally, contact Robin Miller at 914.419.5256 or [email protected], or on Facebook @HealWithPlants; Dr. Sherri Greene at 646.849.6444, or [email protected]; or Dr. Erica Sawers, at 203.368.9990, [email protected] or

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