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Juice Detoxes Work Better and Faster: “The body doesn’t have to break down the solids, and the results are faster and better.”

Juice detox plans at Trailside

Detoxing is all the rage, but not all detox plans are alike, says Andy Zahran, manager at Trailside Café, in Yorktown Heights. “Juice detoxing helps remove toxins more effectively,” he says. “The body doesn’t have to break down the solids, and the results are faster and better.”

Trailside now offers a range of juice detox plans, including one-, three-, five- and seven-day programs. Each day consists of six specialty juices, to be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for morning, afternoon and evening snacks.

They were all designed to provide healthy amounts of fiber and vitamins while limiting calories. “The enzymes and nutrients are liberated from the fiber, allowing them to be quickly assimilated into your body much faster,” Zahran says.

He recommends starting with a three-day package. “It has a great impact and can easily be extended,” he says. “It provides regular and balanced delivery of the nutrients, which help break down your body’s toxins faster. And three days is enough to really start feeling the benefits.” For maximum effect, he suggests following the detox with Trailside’s new five-day Plant Based Menu Plan.

“The Trailside detox range has proved popular with Trailside regulars, along with our extensive selection of juices, smoothies, acai bowls and our latest addition, a fantastic bottled ‘detox water’ to take in place of regular bottled water,” Zahran says. Trailside is currently offering 10 percent off its juice detoxes, he says.

Location: 1807 Commerce St., Yorktown Heights, NY. For more info, visit