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Unburdening the Next Generation: The Medical Medium offers a pathway to passing along better health

Apr 28, 2019 03:39PM ● By Robin Miller

Through his Medical Medium books, blogs and social media tips, Anthony William has given us transformational guidance for reclaiming our health as we face chronic disease, mystery illnesses and increasing environmental toxins, pathogens and viruses. I’m a healer in Westchester with more than 30 years’ experience in the practice and study of consciousness, meditation, trauma-informed therapy, transformation, yoga and healing foods. But it was the Medical Medium pathway that helped me restore my health through diagnoses of multiple sclerosis, Epstein-Barr virus, chronic fatigue and heavy metal toxicity.

With this month’s focus on women’s wellness—and this year of being by my oldest daughter’s side as she prepares for her wedding—I’ve been thinking about the health of young women and the children they might bring into this world.

Breaking the Sickness Cycle

Here’s the big question that will affect future families: Will we continue passing along the health effects of toxins, heavy metals and chronic illness? Or will we begin using food, herbs and natural supplements to ensure that we have robust liver function, balanced hormonal systems and physical and emotional resilience despite increasingly complex exposures?

I don’t like to ring alarm bells, but according to Transamerica Center for Health Studies, more than half of all millennials say they have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. I believe the prevalence of chronic illness among this age group is affecting prenatal health, pregnancy challenges and birth outcomes.

I am heartened, however, by Medical Medium pathways that help women cleanse and strengthen their bodies in preparation for pregnancy, and protect themselves from environmental hazards. William is raising awareness about pregnancy risk factors that beyond the scope of most Western medical practices.

For example, his blog post “Healthy Pregnancy” discusses underlying viral loads that can get triggered during pregnancy, contributing to conditions from fatigue to preeclampsia. It explains how women can strengthen their immune systems to reduce viral issues before getting pregnant. In the same blog post, William says he has seen women who reduce Epstein-Barr viral loads also reduce their difficulties getting pregnant. He also lists healing foods that can improve breastfeeding.

Adopting Positive Changes

These are life-affirming empowerment tools that can help women drive positive outcomes for themselves and their children. I predict that this two-generation investment in health will help minimize the need for high-cost, high-risk infertility treatments, as well as postnatal care. By choosing this path of vitality—by helping their bodies do what they are meant to do—women can become less reliant on pharmaceuticals that address symptoms rather than root causes.

At the same, the Medical Medium pathway involves food choices and lifestyles that may run counter to mainstream culture, comfort food selections or food traditions. These include avoiding dairy, eggs, gluten, soy and canola oil if your health is compromised; minimizing animal fats if your liver is sluggish; increasing glucose/fruits for organ health; consuming smoothies that reduce heavy metals; and following detox cleanses. In pregnancy, it might take the form of adding spirulina and barley grass juice extract powder as a prenatal boost.

Young women also need to learn to mitigate emotional responses and avoid emotional triggers that cause physiological responses. Holistic and complementary practices can help them minimize stresses and heal from the inside out. And I am not leaving out spouses, life partners and sperm donors. Everyone involved in the conception process must embrace the Medical Medium pathway if the goal is to unburden the next generation of chronic disease and mystery illnesses.

Supporting Young Women

How can we help young women make and sustain these new health choices? We can start by believing what they say about their chronic conditions, and by supporting and joining them on their path.

Walking that path can be easier with a practitioner who has experience in applying Medical Medium information, and who can support their emotional and spiritual growth. It’s hard for young adults to juggle all the responsibilities of their busy lives while also introducing and integrating new lifestyle choices. Remember, these are Next Gen choices—the ones that will influence the future of our healthcare systems.

When I think about millennial women and next generations, I hold out hope that Medical Medium and complementary natural healing ways will facilitate their full manifestation of Self, amplify their inner peace, expand their conscious awareness, and raise their energetic and spiritual vibration.

Robin Miller is a healer, integrative health coach, licensed mental health counselor, ordained interfaith minister, Internal Family Systems practitioner, and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. She’s part of the Medical Medium practitioners group. Contact her at 914.419.5256, [email protected] or

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