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NuSpecies Whole-Food Supplements

Jun 28, 2019 01:48PM ● By Ellen Kershner

Health professionals are used to seeing parents bring in their babies and young children for treatment, but a new trend is coming to light, according to Aston Farquharson, president and CEO of NuSpecies, a Beacon-based company that specializes in whole-food nutritional supplements and nutritional consultations. Since founding NuSpecies 20 years ago, he says, he’s been seeing more healthy parents bringing in their sick adult children for consultations. He believes that one reason for this trend is malnutrition.

Not all consumers make the effort to eat the right foods, and even when they do, it isn’t always easy for them to recognize the toxic ingredients in the food they buy, Farquharson says. Unwittingly consuming toxins can lead to chronic diseases, he says, and so the number of patients in their 30s, 40s and 50s that have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer and heart disease has skyrocketed.

“These adults are actually malnourished because they do not eat healthy food,” he explains. “A lot of the food they eat has little nutritional value, and based on the information we have accumulated over the years, poor diet is a primary cause for their diseases.”

Supplements Made from Whole Foods

Vitamins and minerals are critical to helping the body rebuild. To that end, NuSpecies has developed a line of multivitamins and multi-minerals made from whole foods.

“These supplements are natural, raw and organic and provide excellent results for patients of all ages,” Farquharson says. “They’re potent, yet affordable. Our clients’ lab reports have shown significant health improvements after just three to six months.” The company has posted videos of some 300 of these success stories on its research-focused website,, and its YouTube channel.

He says NuSpecies supplements can also support the body during medical treatment. For example, side effects like headaches, tiredness and dizziness are all common for people taking anti-cancer drugs, heart medication or other prescriptions. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that these patients can benefit from natural, whole-food vitamins, which can protect the body against these symptoms and help the body rebuild itself,” he says. “The whole-food plant ingredients facilitate detoxification and purification of the body by removing viruses, germs and parasites.”

Patients are often concerned about potential interactions between prescription drugs and nutritional supplements, so NuSpecies works closely with the Food and Drug Administration to protect its customers, Farquharson says. “If any ingredient is deemed unsafe for use along with medication, we will not use it. All our ingredients are certified by the FDA, which sends representatives into our offices and manufacturing plants several times a year to ensure compliance.”

Treating the Whole Patient

Every NuSpecies location has on staff naturopathic doctors who are board trained in pharmaceutical and natural medicine and offer private consultations. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.

“We ask patients to bring their lab reports, test results and any other pertinent medical information, which the doctors use along with the patient’s health history to determine underlying issues contributing to any problems,” Farquharson says. “Our doctors then recommend specific nutritional formulas to boost the immune system and help the body detoxify and rebuild. These private consultations range from 20 minutes to an hour, and all the formulas and products are right there for purchase. There is no charge for consultations or follow-up appointments.”

This personalized approach blends physics, chemistry, education and nutritional formulas to help patients improve their long-term health—a formula that reflects Farquharson’s diverse experience. An inventor at heart, he has a corporate background and holds more than a dozen patents. He is also the son of two ministers, and spent his life witnessing his parents giving back to the community while ministering to people sick and in need.

“I guess you could say I’m my mother and father’s son,” he said. “Ultimately, my career is about making a positive difference in people’s lives.”

NuSpecies is headquartered at 427 Main St., Beacon, NY, with additional locations in Westchester County, Long Island and Brooklyn, NY, and Jamaica, West Indies. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call NuSpecies at 866.261.8886 or visit