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Alan Dattner, M.D., Seeks to Sell his Westchester Holistic Dermatology Practice

Dr. Alan M. Dattner

Alan M. Dattner, M.D., owner of Holistic Dermatology and Integrative Medicine, in New Rochelle, wants to turn over his integrative dermatology practice for a relatively small fee, to either a dermatologist with similar interests or an integrative medical or osteopathic doctor interested in inflammation and skin issues. “Currently I know of no board-certified dermatologists who do the kind of work I do, although some use some natural treatments,” he says. “My support team could help fill in expertise and shoulder some of the time burden that goes along with this work.”
     If a new practitioner doesn’t take over, Dattner will close the practice on September 5. Patients who need copies of their charts sent to another doctor, who need help finding another doctor, or who have other concerns or questions should call his office before then.
    “It’s been a pleasure helping people who failed conventional care, and proving that there are alternatives that work despite official guidelines that suggest otherwise,” he says. “I hope that insurance companies and legislators are contacted and motivated to see that skilled integrative care based on medicine and science can help where more expensive drugs may or may not be effective. People helped by integrative care should let them know that treating the underlying cause of a skin disease improves comorbidities as well as the disease itself. Adequate insurance payment to doctors for this work would enable a lot more people to get help, and save on the cost of expensive medications.”
Location: Holistic Dermatology and Integrative Medicine, 17 Rodman Oval, New Rochelle, NY. For more info, email [email protected], call 914.637.0908 or visit