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Karla Booth Teaches Alexander Technique, Movement Meditation in October in Mount Kisco

Oct 01, 2019 02:13PM ● By Marilee Burrell

Karla Booth teaching the Alexander Technique

For 30 years, Karla Booth has been teaching the Alexander Technique, Diamond-Dart Meridian Sequence (DDMS), dance and yoga in Westchester. “This fall I will be offering an ongoing class on DDMS, which is a beautiful movement meditation designed to stimulate and balance the acupuncture meridians while progressing through developmental postures or asanas,” she says. “Each class will explore an aspect of the sequence and the corresponding meridians.”  

She will hold an introductory DDMS workshop October 6 at the Life Energy Arts Gallery, in Mount Kisco.  

With a background in dance and bodywork, Booth found the Alexander Technique (AT) to be the perfect place to combine her studies of philosophy, anatomy, movement and healing. A certified senior AT teacher, she has taught workshops in Australia, Sweden and the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. She says the technique is appropriate for “anyone interested in changing their habitual movement patterns to find more ease in everyday life.”

A common focus of her workshops is learning to stop and take a moment to notice ourselves, our environment and our thoughts.

“Learning to pause, even if just for a moment, allows us to be aware of our body usage, thought patterns and breathing,” she says. “It also gives us the opportunity to unwind and release habitual patterns of tension. Take a moment for self-care and develop skills for staying with yourself as you go about your daily activities.”

To contact Karla Booth, email [email protected] For more info, including a full list of workshops, visit KARLA BOOTH DIAMOND, MAMSAT - Mount Kisco, NY.

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