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Treating ‘Low Thyroid’ Holistically with Dr. Michael Wald

Nov 01, 2019 01:55AM ● By Marilee Burrell

Dr. Michael Wald

Because thyroid function is interconnected with overall physiological function, the concept of “low thyroid” as an isolated problem is a myth, says Dr. Michael Wald, a chiropractor, dietician and board-certified nutritionist with a practice in Katonah.

“The thyroid gland is a metabolic gland responsible for energy production in the body, metabolic rate, brain and heart health, and much more,” Wald says. “In short, every single tissue of the body has receptors for thyroid hormone; thus every tissue needs thyroid hormone to operate optimally. The thyroid gets its direction, in part, from an area of the brain stem called the anterior pituitary, which communicates with the adrenal glands. So there cannot be a low thyroid without affecting at least the anterior pituitary gland and/or the adrenal glands. These three areas, in turn, communicate with others. Successful thyroid repair must involve the entire hormonal or endocrine system.”

Any repair to the body requires optimal absorption of nutrition from the small intestine, Wald says. The liver and pancreas also help with the digestion of nutrients required for the endocrine system and the activation of nutrients in foods, making them ready to do work compared to non-activated nutrients that require optimal small intestine, pancreas and liver function.

 “My approach to thyroid recovery and repair is to check absorption in the gut and to balance hormones as naturally as possible, avoiding synthetic or non-human (cow) hormones so that the thyroid gland doesn’t continue to shrink, with no chance for the patient to recover or get off medications,” he says. “The pH of the blood—not the urine or saliva—must be checked, as well as that of all the organs bathed in blood. If the acid-base balance is not ideal, enzymes that run all reparative reactions are blunted.”

In short, addressing thyroid issues through diet and nutritional supplementation without addressing the corollary areas of the body cannot completely restore the thyroid or improve overall health, Wald says.

Location: 20 Sunderland Ln., Katonah, NY. For more info, call 914.552.1442, email [email protected] or visit

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