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Anne Bentzen to Teach the Reiki 1 Shoden Course of Jikiden Reiki February 2020 in Larchmont

Dec 01, 2019 03:46AM ● By Marilee Burrell

Anne Bentzen

Magazines are full of top-10 secrets to health and well-being, but Anne Bentzen has just one: “The secret begins with the understanding that as human beings, we are essentially an energy form. Everything is energy.” A Westchester energy healer and Jikiden Reiki teacher-practitioner, Bentzen educates her clients about understanding the importance of personal energy mastery for mind-body-spirit health.

She says we all experience daily stress at home and work, and our bodies store the stress that we don’t naturally release, causing stagnation that eventually manifests as backaches, headaches, indigestion, insomnia and emotional exhaustion.

“We’re tired because our energy is running low and we are energetically unbalanced,” she explains. “When left unaddressed, this toxic build-up may lead to disease. But our bodies have the wisdom to heal.”

Energy healers facilitate healing through deep relaxation while improving the natural flow of life-force energy in the body to help it release stagnated energy, she says. “Clients realize relief from anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and sciatica and regain movement and balance. Improved circulation speeds healing and improves sleep and immunity. Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments are reduced. Emotional well-being comes with responsible energy management.”

On February 8 and 9, in Larchmont, NY, Bentzen will teach the Reiki 1 Shoden course of Jikiden Reiki, a Japanese healing art that teaches the original hands-on healing methods and Reiki philosophy for improving the body and mind.

For more information on this course or private healing services, call 914.588.4079, email [email protected] or visit ANNE H. BENTZEN, MSOT, RMT, JRP - Mahopac, NY.