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Quit with Quinn – All-Natural Addiction Cessation

Quit With Quinn

Briarcliff Manor and Midtown Manhattan
914.473.2015 • [email protected]

With 20 years’ experience, Quit with Quinn helps people overcome addictions to alcohol, smoking, sugar and uncontrolled overeating (leading to weight loss) and other compulsive, unwanted habits. Treatments are simple, painless and all natural, with no medication, hypnosis or negative side effects, and with a success rate of 90 percent.

Services offered:

The Quit with Quinn treatment calms down the stimulus of the particular addiction so that afterward a person feels indifferent to or repulsed by the addictive substance. People generally quit their addiction after the very first session of the treatment plan, with the subsequent treatments locking in the results for long-term success.

Areas of specialty:

Overcoming alcohol addiction; weight loss through quitting sugar, white flour and uncontrolled overeating; quitting smoking; overcoming unwanted compulsive behaviors.

Philosophical approach:

“At Quit with Quinn, our healing approach is to produce tangible, sustainable results through an all-natural treatment, without the usual struggle. By working at the core energetic level, the deepest level of a life, and on the energy of the addiction itself, results are very powerful and immediate. After treatment, people report feeling unattached and disconnected to the addiction, less stressed, and with far more vitality, well-being and a wonderful new sense of freedom.”

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