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Astrology for February 2020 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jan 29, 2020 01:55PM ● By Marilee Burrell

Push and Ponder

Savor the warmth of a cozy space, comfort food and good companionship on February 1. Be clear in communication when optimism reigns on Groundhog Day. Work and responsibility hit a sweet spot on February 3. Too many options increase confusion on February 4; stay on track or take a pause. A reorientation occurs when you focus on inspiration rather than disappointment on February 5. Meditation, music or a movie on February 6 provides solutions that soothe. 


Master Emotions

Moodiness on February 7 ebbs through stress reduction; find ways to release tension and breathe! Detours can’t deter playfulness on February 8, when humor is your director. The Leo full moon on February 9 encourages joy in community—tease out the child in you. Attention to detail is required on February 10. Sidestep short tempers on February 11; focus on what soothes rather than inflames. Plow through difficult discussions on February 12, and they’ll lead to eventual resolution.


Be Your Valentine

A lack of support on February 13 can turn around when you consider resources. Love your reflection on February 14, when deep love heals. Tap your wellspring on February 15 through an emphasis on self-care and secure friendships. February 16 begins three weeks to emphasize clear communication; Mercury goes retrograde. Plan strategy on February 17. Practical advantages are available February 18. 


New Beginnings

Shake off early-morning negativity on February 19 to embrace a productive day. Out-of-the-blue suggestions on February 20 can produce fruitful results. Enterprises with like-minded people on February 21 enjoy success. Capture inspiration on February 22 and pocket it for another day. The Pisces new moon on February 23 presents a fresh start for targeted commitments to creative endeavors.


Leap Year

Precise direction on February 24 brings it home. Morning quiet spins into action on February 25; increase awareness with the pace. What’s the hurry on February 26? When demands seem incessant, make time for renewal and refreshment midday on February 27. Take time to look around on February 28, because opportunity is missed with too much tenacity. Good choices enhance the promise on February 29. 


Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist through both astrology and tarot at Discover guidance through her website, private sessions, podcasts and webinars. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected] ASTROLOGY INSIGHT - Mahopac, NY

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