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Astrology for March 2020 – with Pamela Cucinell

Feb 26, 2020 02:49PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

 See It Coming

Mercury is retrograde this first week. Assume nothing, follow up and back up. A focused morning flips to mixed messages on March 1. Sidestepping any signs of argument on March 2 will encourage harmonious outcomes. March 3 is animated and productive, in spite of delays. Overconfidence triggers short tempers on March 4; double-check and listen well. A tight list of priorities on March 5 can help you avoid power struggles and disappointment. A night of entertainment releases tensions after unexpected occurrences on March 6.


Work Ethics

Pulls from many directions affect overall decisions on March 7. Clarity and direction take shape on March 8; Daylight Savings begins. Your ability to nail a project the first time increases on March 9 with Mercury direct, complemented by the Virgo full moon. Negotiation is a bit bumpy on March10, but aim high for the goal. Those who “make their luck” do so on March 11; don’t let the odds deter you. The tenacious find eventual reward on March 12.


Presence of Mind

Discernment on March 13 attracts quality. Shiny objects distract on March 14. Exercise judgment if something looks too good on March 15. On March 16, schedule important tasks, appointments and calls after 12:30 p.m. Good will promoted on March 17 enjoys exponential increase. Productivity rules on March 18.



Grievances are expressed at the spring equinox on March 19. A desire for action on March 20 cannot yet take shape. Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21 to begin a cycle of technological advancements and an emphasis on humanity. Out-of-the box ideas soar on March 22. Imagine every aspect of the dream on March 23. The Aries new moon on March 24 stokes fire; keep a tight reign.


Lay the Foundation

Quiet any impulse to act in haste on March 25. More information comes on March 26. Take strides on March 27 to ensure best results. Project love and it comes back to you on March 28. Be alert for a hiccup of miscommunication on March 29. Organize and plan on March 30. Reach out to loved ones and the people you want to work with March 31


Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist through astrology and tarot at INSIGHT OASIS. Discover guidance through her website, private sessions and podcasts. For more information, contact her at [email protected] or 917.796.6026.

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