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Donna Coyote Rain Shares Native Wisdom on Facebook

Mar 29, 2020 04:16PM ● By Marilee Burrell

Donna Coyote Rain, aka licensed massage therapist DONNA COSTA, is using a very new medium in a very old way: Her Facebook page will be a medium for sharing the stories and lessons of Native wisdom.

“Over 30 years ago, when I first encountered the Native American traditions and beliefs, my elders said, ‘The time will come when we are no longer here on our earth walk, and you will need to pass on what we have taught you.’ The native way is not passed on in studies but in stories—stories that tell of a time when we the people of this beautiful planet walked in balance,” Costa says.

She says these stories taught her how to connect with the earth’s natural elements, and how to respect and care for her fellow travelers—human, plant and animal—for they all have a story to tell and a lesson to learn.

“Grandmother Moon plays an important part as well,” Costa says. “She controls the waters on our planet and within us. So one teaching I will be sharing on my Facebook page is how to come in tune with Grandmother using the energy of the new and full moon to set your goals and intentions. She teaches us when to move forward and when to sit back and assess our progress.”

Another focus of Costa’s stories will be the connections and teachings of the animal and plant spirits that share our planet.  

“The natives believe that when an animal appears to us, it is sharing its story or teaching of how to proceed best in our lives,” she explains. “Trees, plants, animals—everything speaks to us every moment of every day, but we’ve forgotten how to listen.” 

To listen to Costa’s stories, visit and like Donna Coyote Rain on Facebook. Costa will also be posting future workshop and event information there. For massage therapy appointments, call 914.907.4485 or visit DONNA COSTA, LMT - or


 March 24, 2020 update from Donna Costa:

I would like to take a moment to provide my clients with an update on the Covid-19 outbreak.

First and foremost, your health and safety, is my highest priority. I am monitoring the situation locally and nationally to act in the best interests of my clients moving forward.I have temporarily closed my business as of March 16 until the danger of contagion is over.

I will be posting suggestions for common issues that I treat to keep you all as pain free as possible. I will also post some meditations and music to alleviate stress and anxiety. Stay well, stay in touch.