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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Publisher's Letter for June 2020

May 31, 2020 09:55AM ● By Dana Boulanger
The recent, vast changes to the canvas of my life have pushed me to the edge of my emotions. Yet my morning meditation calms me, my walks in nature keep me grounded, and my longtime ritual of expressing gratitude keeps me feeling abundant. With those three daily habits, combined with kindness to others, I find that our planet—and my life—flows with peaceful joy most days.
I’ve been thinking back to the summer after my freshman year in college—June 1977—when I set out solo to see the great USA in my Ford 150 with a camper top and six-inch foam sleeping platform. I headed west, and the journey turned into six months of exploration and family connection, a key time of personal growth that I will always cherish. Travel camping, or even backyard overnights, can help keep life exciting. Even in these challenging times, there are ways to adventure safely if you get that travel bug. Read “Everyday Adventures: Taking to Vans and RVs for Life on the Road,” page 34, for ideas and inspiration.
June is also a time to remember our grads and Dads. This year we need to find new and creative ways to celebrate and express our gratitude. Though I don’t have any grads in my life this year and my own father passed away many years ago, I do appreciate and support the next generation of dads in my family. Kudos to Andrew in his first year of fatherhood to my granddaughter Jayda, and to my son Ben, father of my granddaughter Hailey. Both of them are fine men and loving dads. My granddaughters are lucky girls.
Currently I am launching my rockets of desire for summer fun. Even if this year’s activities flow differently, I can still focus on what feels good to me now. Recently I thought, What better place to socially distance with family and friends than my own yard? So I bought something I’ve always wanted: a fire pit. I’m looking forward to spending many relaxing nights by its warmth and under the stars, in good company. I’m also planning to spend meditative time in my vegetable garden, which will lead to creative time in my kitchen, trying new recipes for nourishing meals. Eating healthy is a longtime passion of mine, although I do practice the 80/20 rule—a little indulgence is allowed. One of my favorite summer meals is garden vegetables mixed with some healthy pasta, and I can’t wait to try the new recipes on page 26. Another desire of mine is to improve my home fitness regimen. This seems like a good time to adopt some strength-training exercises and create a more robust routine. Check out the good suggestions in this month’s fitness article, “Homebody Workouts: Getting Fit Without a Gym,” on page 46. The home gym tips are simple and easy.

Still, my main summer wellness regimen will be daily doses of nature. Besides meditative garden time, some biking and hopefully a few days at the beach, I’ve decided to increase my walking to 100 miles this month. I’m also eager to enjoy more of our local and regional treasures, so if our state and nation “open up,” perhaps I can mix in some travel too. That sure would be fun!
One final note: We’re excited to introduce you to our new collaboration with KnoWEwell, an online holistic community. See the news brief on page 8. And remember to stay connected locally through our website,, which has an online calendar where you’ll find classes, talks, events and more. We hope to be back in print for the July edition!