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Astrology for July 2020 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jun 29, 2020 01:43PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Last Summer Eclipse 

Mercury is in retrograde the first weeks of July. Hard work pays off July 1. Overlooked details on July 2 lead to confusion. The great outdoors calls on July 3; get outside, exercise, read or escape into an adventure film. Responsible action is required July 4. The July 5 Capricorn full moon / lunar eclipse creates opportunity for those committed to change. 



On July 6, inspiration sticks even when relationships do not. Clear your head and limit digital media on July 7. This practice provides perspective by the evening of July 8. Creative and spiritual energy abounds July 9-10. Take care if triggered by impulse on July 11. Powerful revelations occur with Mercury direct July 12. Go to reliable comforts on July 13 after a difficult morning. 


Slow and Steady

Tenacity is its own reward July 14. Confront any issues with steadfast determination on July 15. Verify information July 16. Late-afternoon meditation soothes any feelings of being overwhelmed July 17. Share a meal with loved ones on July 18, even if via teleconference. Reassess goals at the dark of moon July 19.


Cancer New Moon Encore 

The July 20 Cancer new moon requires soul-searching to realize potential. Morning mishaps make way for genuine connections on July 21. Welcome play and/or romance with no agenda on July 22. Good works and healing relationships proliferate July 23. Productivity is high July 24, especially for those who thrive on routines. After a harmonious day, mixed signals exacerbate short tempers the evening of July 25.


Discomfort Leads to Transformation

Uncomfortable conversations on July 26 are necessary; watch for defensiveness, which thwarts successful communication. Negativity deflates expansive inspiration on July 27; assertive intervention corrects this. Tremendous regeneration and growth are available July 28 for those willing to do the work. Exuberance is contagious on July 29 and benefits from awareness of consequences. On July 30, enthusiasm must be matched with respect and integrity. Only those who qualify go the distance on July 31.


Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist through astrology and tarot at Discover guidance through her website, private sessions and podcasts. For more information, email [email protected] or call 917.796.6026.

For a spiritual, astrological perspective on the protests and the coronavirus, visit for updates, and sign up for weekly podcasts at ActiveSpirituality.Life.

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