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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Publisher's Letter for August 2020

Jul 25, 2020 10:59AM ● By Dana Boulanger

Dana on a hike at Cat Rocks in Pawling, NY

Summer 2020 seems to be riddled with changes on every level of life. I’ve always embraced change and welcomed the challenge of personal transformation. But recently the changes have been overwhelming at times, especially on days when I’m not mindful of my health, my thinking, and my attitude (my body, mind and spirit). Now more than ever I find that focusing on health and wellness is my key to aging gracefully and living a more balanced life. “Mindful Walking: Meditative Steps for Well-Being,” (page 34), explains how to use this simple exercise to reduce stress and forget about day-to-day worries. I must say that walking in nature has become my favorite pastime. I started in March, walking a mile a day, and over time and many beautiful miles of country roads and nature trails, I now look forward to six-mile morning walks several times a week, as well as shorter daily walks. They help keep me in great shape, and, more important, they give me time each day to focus on me, appreciate nature and reflect on my connection to the earth.

Which leads me to another great article, “How Awe Can Transform Our Lives” (page 32), which explores a phenomenon I’ve experienced personally. Taking time daily to really appreciate the little things in life for what they are, even down to smells, colors, textures and gestures, allows us to stay present, to feel a sense of awe moment by moment, no matter what’s happening in our lives and in the world. I believe that by consciously recognizing these awesome moments daily, we can shift our perspective to a more positive one, which leads to more joy. This might sound simple, and it can be—just as simple as making better food choices, and thinking better thoughts that lead to better choices and a more positive approach to life, which for me is a happier lifestyle.

Be sure to check out our feature article on biological dentistry, which explores the mouth-body connection and reminds us how critical oral health is, especially because it affects our heart and overall well-being. Over the years there have been huge breakthroughs in dental medicine, and now more than ever doctors understand the importance of taking care of our mouth and teeth, beginning when we are young.

Our local article on homeschooling, (page 16), is a great resource for Hudson Valley families considering keeping their kids home this school year. As September approaches, that seems to be the biggest topic of discussion among parents, so we asked a local homeschool mom and holistic practitioner to share her wealth of information and resources with our readers. We hope to publish even more resources for young families in our region in the future.

Perhaps if we can embrace a few of the changes we are all faced with in 2020, we can open our hearts and minds and let them lead us to better ways of being and doing. At Natural Awakenings, we’re following that path ourselves. We’ve partnered with the online platform KnoWEwell, which is set to launch soon (see back cover), and we’ve also launched our own digital advertising division, DigitalConnection NY, a premium service that allows businesses of all types to advertise locally on big-brand websites. We are excited about all these new additions and the changing landscape of resources we have to offer.

 Enjoy your summer!

Dana Boulanger

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