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Sustainable Lawn Care With Ralph Spafford, owner of Green and Serene Lawn Care in Putnam County NY

Ralph Spafford

Ralph Spafford, owner of Green and Serene Lawn Care says he founded the company to bring the practice of mindfulness and the ethics of sustainability to suburban yards in Putnam County and surrounding areas. His goal is to provide professional-quality lawn-mowing services while doing the least amount of harm to the environment.

“Our relationship to the natural world is symbiotic,” Spafford says. “Nature is very generous—it takes care of us—and it is wise to not take that for granted. In fact, we are part of the natural world.”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 5 percent of emissions in the United States come from lawn mowers powered by fossil fuels. Green and Serene Lawn Care uses solar and battery-powered equipment that doesn’t use toxic chemicals or emit pollution.     

“That means no gas emissions, no spills, less noise,” Spafford says. “Just fresh-cut grass—a viable, beautiful, safe natural landscape for families and pets to enjoy.”

He explains that his daily practice of mindfulness translates into his business. “I have worked to minimize my own carbon footprint on earth as a way to say thank you for allowing me to enjoy all of its gifts: its flowers, trees, birds, animals and insects. Every day is a wonder.”

Spafford studied sustainable landscape management at the New York Botanical Gardens and has a bachelor’s degree in art history from Purchase College. Perhaps it’s that unique background that motivates and inspires him in these challenging times. Wonder and joy are precious these days, he says.

“As I tell my customers, let’s work together,” he says. “Let’s make the efforts to treat our natural world with loving kindness, to make that beauty sustainable for generations to come.”

For more info, call or text 914.380.2095, email [email protected] or visit Green and Serene Lawn Care.

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