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Hannigan Chiropractic in Wappingers Falls, NY Offers Purewave for Chronic Pain

Therapy room with Purewave

It’s well established that prescription medication is not the best treatment for chronic pain, but finding safe, effective treatments that are lasting and non-habit-forming can be challenging. Dr. John Hannigan, owner of HanniganChiropractic Office, in Wappingers Falls, says he’s found one in Purewave pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Not only does it quickly reduce inflammation, swelling and pain without adverse side effects, he says, but it also boosts the metabolism and promotes healing.

“Purewave uses a range of frequencies and intensities and has been shown to rapidly and reliably relieve acute and chronic pain from carpal tunnel, herniated disc, neuropathy, migraines, sports injuries and other types of muscular, organic or nerve pain. It’s also used to reduce anxiety and improve focus and performance. In addition, MRI studies have demonstrated that the frequencies used stimulate the brain’s opioid receptors, so it might help people withdraw from addictive opioid medications,” he says.

According to Hannigan, Purewave is effective for so many pain and disease conditions because most of them have the same root cause.

“Most are a result of inflammation-disturbed cellular metabolism, which is due to reduced cellular voltage,” he says. “This causes the mitochondria to stop working properly. It has been shown by electron microscopy that Purewave therapy recharges and up-regulates the mitochondria, activating and improving the metabolism, with the result of decreased pain and overall improved health.”

There are now approximately 300,000 Purewave systems currently in use around the world, Hannigan says.  

For more info, call Hannigan Chiropractic office at 845.297.6688.