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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings Creates Online Advertising Division, Digital Connection NY

Natural Awakenings has launched a digital division that provides local online advertising on big-brand websites. This new department, DigitalConnection NY, uses custom targeting models instead of the typical cookie-based options. 

“We identify websites and customers with high affinities to the products and services local businesses provide, and place ads on those websites, above the fold,” says Dana Boulanger, co-publisher of Natural Awakenings. “For example, research shows that new car buyers frequent sites like Kelley Blue Book ( and Digital Connections NY uses that data to place web ads based on the business category.”

It also uses hyper-local geo-targeting—using zip code, county, city, or even streets or neighborhoods—to ensure that clients’ web ads reach online visitors within a certain location, Boulanger says. “Businesses pay per impression with 100 percent reach, compared to the average 37 percent reach of cookie-based advertising,” she says. “Click-through rates are significantly higher than industry standards and result in an impressive return on investment and daily optimization via click through ratios.”

Digital Connection NY is the exclusive seller of this proprietary technology in Hudson Valley, she says.

“This is the first time this online advertising option has been available in our area,” she says. “We’re excited to now be able to support local community businesses with this hyper-local online advertising option.”

For more information, call 845.593.0065, email [email protected] or visit