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Online Homeopathy Course With Dr. Susanne Saltzman Begins October 2020

Dr. Susanne Saltzman

Susanne Saltzman, M.D., a general practitioner and homeopathic medicine specialist in Hartsdale, will teach a 60-hour Zoom course in homeopathy beginning in October. Comprising 10 Saturday sessions, the course is intended for lay people as well as health professionals who want to learn how to treat their family, friends or patients with homeopathic remedies.

“Too many people have become dependent on pharmaceutical medication with all its attendant side effects,” Saltzman says. “Homeopathy works with the body to help bring it into balance, not merely suppress symptoms as most pharmaceuticals do.               

Homeopathy harnesses the natural healing abilities of the human body, which is more powerful than most people realize. Although homeopathy can treat a variety of serious diseases in the hands of a qualified practitioner, most people can learn to treat simple illnesses such as the flu, allergies and upper-respiratory infections, as well as IBS and other common disorders.”While the course is designed to be both informative and enjoyable, with an informal atmosphere, students should be prepared to do some work, including homework assignments, she says.

A graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Saltzman also practices functional medicine, and so her course will include lessons on the importance of nutrition and the gut microbiome to overall health, and on strengthening the immune system with supplements.

“Because homeopathy has an excellent record in the treatment of epidemics, such as the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, students will also learn what homeopathic medicines to have on hand during the current crisis,” she says.

Cost: $1,800. For more info, call 914.472.0666, email [email protected] or visit  SUSANNE SALTZMAN, MD.

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