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Greg Ribaudo Integrative Health Coach of Peak Wellness Creates ‘Bio-Hacking’ Facility Somers, NY

Greg Ribaudo at Peak Wellness

Integrative health coach Greg Ribaudo, of Peak Wellness, has created a private, spa-like “bio-hacking” facility in Somers, NY. Clients are viewed holistically according to many factors, including diet, breathing, hydration, sleep habits, bioenergetic field, trapped emotions and toxin exposure, Ribaudo says. They rotate through a curated hour of protocols known as a wellness circuit, stacking four to eight modalities designed to give maximum results with minimal effort.

“Our cutting-edge technology helps clients supercharge their vitality, boost their immune system, break through health challenges and achieve a peak life,” he says. “Modern society and current world events have left many people in a state of anxiety and stress, as well as a more sedentary and indoor lifestyle. We reconnect clients to the powerful healing elements of nature and tools to heal and live in balance.”

He says one protocol that’s particularly relevant right now, when people are concerned about protecting their lungs, is Exercise with Oxygen. This 15-minute session of light cardio with supplemental oxygen is designed to boost energy and lung function, oxygenate the blood and improve brain function. “Fifteen minutes of Exercise with Oxygen generates the results of an hour of traditional cardio,” Ribaudo says.

At another station, the client rests on a pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) mat while bathing in warm near-infrared lights. Ribaudo says PEMF raises the body’s cellular charge, increases blood flow and reverses the damage of EMF exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi and “dirty” electricity. Red light therapy, or Photo Biomodulation, charges the mitochondria, boosts collagen production and testosterone, and generates a feeling of well-being, much like sunbathing, he says. The circuit concludes with a 20-minute Binaural Beat Restorative Meditation, which uses state-of-the-art meditation software and a bio-signaling patch to balance the nervous system and take the client from a stress state to the parasympathetic “rest and digest” state within minutes. 

Peak Wellness also offers hydrogen therapy, infrared sauna detoxification, ionic footbaths, blood-flow restriction weight training, vibration platform workouts, corrective postural exercises, gemstone infrared chakra healing mats and Emotional Release Therapy.

Location: Peak Wellness, 13 Edgewood Dr., Katonah, NY. For more info, call 914.301.3393, email [email protected] or visit PEAK Wellness.

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