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Free Zoom Q&A session to Learn about addiction-cessation treatments for smoking, alcohol, sugar, overeating, weight loss

Stephen Quinn

Addictions are at an all-time high right now—and understandably so, says Stephen Quinn, owner/practitioner at Quit With Quinn.

“People are experiencing uncertainty and being forced to face themselves in ways most of them couldn’t have imagined just months ago,” Quinn says. “The world is going through a massive change, which has a very, very high end—a spiritual end—and a correspondingly powerful low end. They move together, as they are two parts of the same upgrade.”

He notes that stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, self-management issues, grief, loss, confusion, and lack of security and stability are all on the rise, as people are being forced to learn to deal with themselves—or not—as life marches on.

At Quit with Quinn, his focus is healing addiction by healing the energetic imbalance at the root of addiction. He also helps with anxiety, depression and all the other issues listed above.

“I’ve been doing this for over 20 years with a very high success rate, not only with addictions, but with stress and anxiety and other energetic imbalances,” he says. “Right now I’m seeing people in person and remotely over Zoom. Every Thursday in September, from 6 to 7 p.m., I’m offering a free Q&A session over Zoom for anyone who wants to learn about our addiction-cessation treatments for smoking, alcohol, sugar, overeating, weight loss or any other issues you may be facing right now.”

For more info, call 914.473.2015 or visit

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