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Weight-Loss and Wellness Program with Toby Totally Available in Westchester

Toby Lebovit

Toby Totally was a longtime wellness professional in Rockland County, practicing kinesiology, yoga and fitness training, before she went to Harvard to study obesity medicine. Now she’s in Westchester, revamping the way people approach weight loss. Instead of just cutting carbs, calories or fat, she combines ancient eastern teaching with contemporary western research.

At Toby Totally weight loss and wellness, in White Plains, Lebovits treats each client uniquely—doing a detailed intake of the client’s health history and goals, charting a customized clean-food plan, and using acupressure points to control hunger and strengthen the digestive system. The tiny, surgical-steel points are affixed along the hairline and usually behind the ears, on meridian spots corresponding to the stomach and liver. (Masks and gloves are used to keep everyone safe.)

According to Lebovits, removing hunger eliminates the stress response, lowering the cortisol level and causing a chain reaction of beneficial physiologic and metabolic effects. Most clients lose 5 to 10 percentof their weight in the first 10 days.

At each subsequent visit, a new set of points is applied to strengthen the next two organs. The average client loses 20 to 30 pounds the first month, Lebovits says. Once clients achieve their weight, she educates and guides them on maintaining that weight for life.

 “Clients love the fact that they don’t need to purchase any special food or cut out all carbs,” she says. “Most people can happily enjoy lots of fruit, veggies, most proteins and some grains.”

For more info, call 914.328.7777, visit Toby Totally, or follow Lebovits on Instagram @ Toby.totally.weightloss.

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