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Burn Fat and Fight Inflammation with Dr. Leigh Damkohler's Metabolic Reset Program

Dr. Leigh Damkohler

Leigh Damkohler, DC, sports chiropractor and licensed massage therapist, has added a proprietary metabolic reset program to the services she offers through her office at the Yonkers-Scarsdale border. “The program is designed for anti-inflammatory, healthy weight loss,” she says.

The key to the program’s success is its combination of healthy food intake, intermittent fasting and a proprietary amino acid formula, Damkohler says. “It promotes satiety, controls cravings and ensures you burn excess fat—especially the dangerous visceral fat around your organs—instead of losing critical muscle mass. There are no drugs or hormones to create negative side effects.”

For people already struggling with their weight during the pandemic, she says, this program can help them “reset” before the holidays and colder weather, when we tend to gain extra pounds.

 “The program is laid out very easily, and I personally provide patients with weekly accountability meetings, which can also be virtual, in addition to making myself available to support them during the different stages of the process,” she says. 

As Westchester’s only dually licensed practicing chiropractor and massage therapist, Damkohler has been in practice for 21 years, developing individual treatment plans to help patients move, perform and feel better. She offers chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, Graston Technique, CranioSacral Therapy, postural corrections, therapeutic exercise and nutrition. Her specialties are sports injuries; strains/sprains; disc herniations; carpal tunnel syndrome; thoracic outlet syndrome; tennis or golf elbow; sciatica; and back, neck, arm, leg and foot pain or numbness.

Location: 8 Bacon Pl., Yonkers, NY. For appointments, call 914.523.7947. For more info, visit LEIGH DAMKOHLER..


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