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Astrology for October 2020 – with Pamela Cucinell

Harvest Moon 

The October 1 Aries full moon demands compromise, but holdouts stand fast. Not everyone wants to do the work. The vice tightens when options slip and tempers rise October 2.  Focus on incremental movements, no matter how slow, October 3.  Revelations pop October 4, and the playing field starts to shift. Optimism and tenacity fuel projects October 5. Adjust and restart rather than rue what didn’t work October 6.  


Measured Steps

Proceed with what has value on October 7, when ideas and information distract. Rest, recharge with good food, and invite loving conversation October 8. Power plays on October 9 seek loyalty; look within to see if the commitment resonates with your truth. Volatility ignites on October 10; choose your arguments and secure harbor. Emotions stir the pot on October 11 but can point the compass in the right direction. Columbus Day continues to morph in the USA and can be creative, not fraught, when we listen to the voices of youth. 


Relationship Reboot

A Sun/Mars opposition on October 13 increases volatility. In addition, Mercury goes retrograde to challenge correspondence and electronics for the next few weeks. Stay on task October 14. Move past old business October 15 to concentrate on what’s ahead. October 16 meditations can highlight individual responsibility to enhance any relationship at this Libra new moon. Lighten the schedule on October 17 in anticipation of the unexpected. Allow a little drift the morning of October 18, because the afternoon is super-productive. 


Concentration Required 

Take care with communications when exuberance expands on October 19; a message can come out of nowhere. October 20 can bring morning misgivings, but keep your eye on the goal. Tremendous momentum pushes October 21.  Auspicious encounters and opportunities on October 22 are available for those who “make their luck.” Slow your pace on October 23; sprint only once you know the terrain. Strong alliances are forged October 24. 


Hunter Blue Moon

Community stimulates October 25, but don’t expect any concrete follow-through until early evening. Inspiration flows and doors open October 26. Likeminded people buoy up any project October 27. The seduction to speed up on October 28 has ramifications; pace yourself. List priorities in the morning, when acceleration might cause you to overlook something, October 29-30. The Taurus full moon shines this Samhain/ Halloween. It encourages the remembrance of ancestors and reminds us to treasure this life. Celebrate with a mask that reflects this!


Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected], or visit and


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