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Alexander Technique Goes Virtual With Karla Booth in Westchester

Oct 26, 2020 01:08PM ● By Marilee Burrell
 Karla Booth Alexander Technique

Karla Booth

Karla Booth has taught the Alexander Technique (AT) in three locations over three decades to a variety of students, but the restrictions mandated by Covid posed a unique challenge for her—at first. “This hands-on method for learning about ourselves and our movement didn’t seem an easy fit for online learning,” she says. “But I’ve found that it works quite well, offering people a chance to improve their awareness and calm their nervous system. Students find ease and fluidity in everyday movement as well as freer breathing—things that have been very important in this time of uncertainty.”

AT was developed in the late1800s by F.M. Alexander, a Shakespearean actor who had vocal problems that interfered with his performing ability. Many actors, musicians and dancers learn AT, but it’s also studied by people with breathing issues, poor posture, and neck and back pain, as well as swimmers, runners and other athletes.  

“The method can be applied to any activity, as it relates to increasing our awareness of how we use ourselves in action, how we respond to our thinking of movement, and our faulty understanding of how our body is designed,” Booth says.

Having taught AT in New York City and London, Booth relocated to Westchester in 2000, where she developed her practice helping people with neck and back pain. She has worked with musicians and yoga teachers and teaches workshops for individuals and groups in and around Westchester.

For more info, contact Karla Booth at 914.649.9565 or visit KARLA BOOTH.

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