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Alterations for a Healthy Home Office Environment With Lou Levy Construction

Oct 26, 2020 01:25PM ● By Lou Levy


Now that many of us are spending most of our time working from home, it’s more important than ever that our interior environment is healthy. That means eliminating mold, encouraging circulation of fresh air, blocking the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and allowing natural light and outdoor views in.

Mold is known to have a major negative impact on health, so the first priority in creating a healthy home is to mitigate mold by altering the damp conditions that allow it to grow. Dehumidification and air-filtration units or systems can reduce mold, but to completely eliminate it, an interior drainage system has to be installed in any ground-level slabs.

The second priority is to facilitate the ventilation and circulation of fresh air. During milder weather, windows and doors, as well as an active skylight along with a ceiling fan, can be used to bring in outdoor air.

A whole-house fresh-air ventilation system can also be installed for year-round use, either as an independent system or tied into an existing central air conditioning unit.

EMFs, which are emitted by electronic devices, are also thought to be health inhibitors. A few simple tips can reduce their effects.

The main working, sitting and sleeping areas in a home should be located away from electrical service connection points and electrical panels. Internet modems as well as a wireless connection create a strong EMF, so it’s better to keep the modem in a remote location. Hard-wired connections and a grounding mat can also be used to mitigate direct EMFs from the computers.

Finally, allowing plenty of natural light and a view of nature into a home environment is a good way to reduce stress and stay in harmony. This is best achieved through well-placed windows and glass doors that are protected so as not to overheat the indoor space.

Architectural and design details, using nontoxic paints, finishes, furniture and window dressings, will put on the finishing touches.

Lou Levy is the owner of Lou Levy Construction. For more info, call 914.804.2120.

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