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The Peak Wellness Immunity Protocol in Somers

Peak Wellness Center + Spa

Cold weather can bring achy joints, colds, flus and seasonal depression, all of which are worsened by being stuck indoors. The Peak Wellness Center + Spa, in Somers, offers a unique therapeutic approach that emulates nature’s elements and boosts overall health and immunity, says founder Greg Ribaudo. To help people brave this difficult season, Peak Wellness is offering a Winter Immunity Package for new clients. All appointments are private, with Covid-safe protocols.

“We stay ahead of winter’s dark days with a combination of the world’s most effective wellness devices and a holistic healthy lifestyle,” Ribaudo says. “Our Wellness Circuit protocol is the ultimate immune booster, stacking several modalities in a 60-to-90-minute session. They may include pulsed electromagnetic frequency to energize cells; red light therapy to bathe you in warm, healing light; oxygen training to oxygenate the lungs, blood and brain; and infrared sauna or ionic footbath therapies for detoxing the body.”

Peak Wellness combines these advanced technologies with holistic wellness coaching, emotional healing, meditation and breathwork, to help clients navigate health challenges and goals synergistically, he says. The staff’s expertise covers a wide array of topics, including nutrition, hydration, gut health, minerals, toxin exposure, proper breathing, biohacking techniques and trapped emotional issues.

The Winter Immunity Special runs December through March: New customers who buy two Wellness Circuits or holistic coaching sessions will get one free.

Location: PEAK Wellness Center + Spa, 13 Edgewood Dr., Somers, NY. For more info, call 914.301.3393, email [email protected] or visit

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