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Book: The ABCs of CBD, By Shira Adler

The ABCs of CBD

The Essential Guide (Why Pot Is NOT What We Were Taught)

What’s your book about? 

It’s a practical, comprehensive guide to all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about cannabinoids but were afraid to ask. CBD is the “other” ingredient in hemp and pot—the one that doesn’t get you stoned but can still help make you better. Read this book to see how the ancient wisdom of plants combined with cutting-edge scientific research could change your life. This is the moment where the medical marijuana revolution is transforming our belief system and the way we perceive this once highly stigmatized substance.


Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book to correct misinformation, shatter stigma and share the history, relevance and potential of this plant species, from its roots in antiquity to its modern-day applications and impact. This species can heal people and our planet.


What was your mission with the book? 

I started Synergy by Shira Adler, a boutique health and wellness company, in 2011. I continued researching plant-based therapeutics years before anyone had ever really heard of CBD, and I adapted my Synergy Sprays aromatherapy series by infusing it with CBD back in 2016. I do so many talks and consultations, the book was a natural—and necessary—next step. It was first published as my own son was making his way through a very common struggle with self-medication as a young teen. I started this journey because of my own family—and continue for everyone else’s. 


Tell us a little about yourself.

 I’ve spent a lifetime helping others overcome myriad life challenges, obstacles and personal issues. I’m honored to be an internationally recognized and highly vetted CBD expert, consultant, educator and entrepreneur. I’m also the president of the NYHIA (Hemp Industries Association), the oldest trade organization in the industry, and we’re expanding to become the Northeast Region HIA affiliate. I’m also launching a large agritech and bio-infrastructure company dedicated to advancing eco-hemp initiatives and plant-based therapeutic programs and products.

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