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Book: The G.U.T. Method, By Sharon Holand Gelfand

The G.U.T. Method

Secrets beyond Your Plate for a Healthier, More Energetic Life

By Sharon Holand Gelfand

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What’s your book about?

This book is about helping readers become their own health advocates. It gives them the tools to help them tune back into themselves. It’s a guidebook with written exercise prompts to help the reader follow the G.U.T. method: 1) Get connected to their symptoms, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 2) Understand what’s going on in their bodies and why. 3) Take action, tune in and heal.


Why did you write this book?

When my son was diagnosed with Crohn’s, ileitis and ulcerative colitis and I started researching the what and why behind these diagnoses, I realized that I knew nothing about health and nutrition. I went to grad school to understand what was going on, so that I could help him heal. This opened my eyes to the fact that we are looking at health and nutrition completely wrong. It was clear to me that we needed a book that would guide us to become our own health advocates. 


What was your mission with the book?

My goal is to put health back into the readers’ hands and to empower them to speak up for themselves and ask questions. I want the readers to truly understand what their bodies need, because health and nutrition is not a cookie-cutter solution. We need to know what we each need individually.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a functional, holistic nutritionist, speaker, business owner and author who disrupts the way we think about food and how we eat. I work with clients privately and through group programs. With my private clients, I help them get to the root of their most common health complaints with at-home testing and flexible food choices, so they have more energy and less stress and can feel great again. I will also be starting a membership this summer. I am a member of the American College of Nutrition and a board-certified holistic health practitioner.

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